About Us

About Solution Designers, Inc.

Looking for proactive managed IT solutions for your business? Regardless of the size and type of business or industry, we can give you everything you need in a complete package. Choose from a wide range of services to help maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness, with experts who have the resources and experience needed to give you the reliability you need with every solution.

Dependable Managed IT Services and Much More

Depending on what you specifically require for your business, Solution Designers, Inc. can provide you with a solution that includes managed IT services, network infrastructure planning and implementation, business growth consulting, and project management. Regardless of what you need from us, we’re here to make sure your business’s IT department is covered from top to bottom.

We serve as a reliable technology partner that can help improve your company’s productivity, efficiency, dependability, and profitability through effective planning, implementation, and consistent maintenance of all computer equipment and advanced IT technology. We understand that without a complete understanding of your business needs, we cannot properly address your technology needs. Our team of engineers and 24/7 Help Desk support brings a diverse collection of real-world business experience to assist businesses of all types.

Through our services, you’ll never need to worry about hiring an in-house IT team. Instead, you’ll rest assured in knowing that your IT department is in the hands of dedicated professionals who can provide you with the best solutions available.

We’ll Make Sure the Job Is Done Right

Here at Solution Designers, Inc., we work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied with the results of our services. We want to maximize both efficiency and affordability to give you a complete solution that truly works for your business.

This is why all Solution Designers, Inc. service contracts feature a 30-day “No Questions Asked” cancellation clause upon initial engagement. It is our belief that a contract should not be used as an attempt to guarantee future business or to lock-in a revenue stream. We adhere to a simpler concept: If we do the job right today, we’ll earn your business again tomorrow. Therefore, we only use the contract to identify the scope of services to be provided, responsibilities, and terms of the relationship.

Ultimately, working with the experts at Solution Designers, Inc. will help ensure your business succeeds through reliable services and a thorough understanding of your business needs.

Request a Free Consultation

If you would like to get started with a fully customized IT solution for your business today, simply contact us at any time for a free consultation. With each consultation, we’ll visit your location in the Dallas or Fort Worth area and conduct a complete inspection of your server and hardware. Once we have reviewed your systems, our team will discuss your goals with you and begin consulting.

Whenever you work with Solution Designers, Inc., you’ll be able to see the difference our services make and get what you need to excel.