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Would you say your business is succeeding because of your technology or in spite of it? Do you have an overwhelming feeling you could be doing more with your technology but don’t know what? Are you looking for a partner that knows how to make businesses successful through improved technology? If so, you’ve come to the right place.
In a wired world, a company’s use of technology contributes directly to its success. The right mix of software, hardware and technology systems promotes productivity, improves customer service and even shortens a company’s sales cycle. What’s more, businesses see an impact on their bottom line as well.
Solution Designers, Inc. offers high-value, high-performance managed IT services and tech support for organizations of all sizes. By offering Texas, Washington State, Georgia & Florida companies a variety of technology solutions – as well as expert IT support, we give businesses like yours the chance to stay competitive, allowing you to focus your energy on building your business instead of time on your IT infrastructure.

Proactive Solutions by Design

We provide Managed IT Services, Network Infrastructure Planning and Implementation, Project Management, and Business Growth Consulting.

Infrastructure Refresh

An infrastructure past its useful life can quickly lead to server failure and disrupted business operations.

Disaster Recovery Systems

Computers contain mechanical and electronic components that sometimes fail.

Customized Database and Web Solutions

Chemical, food, cosmetic and other specialty manufacturers are key clients at Solution Designers, Inc.

Secure Networking

Today, hackers and viruses are commonplace and it takes a concerted effort to keep them out of your network.


Solution Designers, Inc. is partnered with world-class technology leaders. Some of the manufacturers and vendors include:

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Proactive Solutions by Design

We provide Managed IT Services, Network Infrastructure Planning and Implementation, Project Management, and Business Growth Consulting. Solution Designers, Inc. is a reliable technology partner that can improve productivity, efficiency, dependability, and profitability through effective planning, implementation, and maintenance of computer equipment and advanced technology. Solution Designers, Inc. understands that without a firm understanding of your business needs we cannot properly address your technology needs. Our highly-skilled engineers and Help Desk support team bring a diverse collection of real-world business experience to assist companies with their IT needs.
Solution Designers, Inc. service contracts feature a 30-day “No Questions Asked” cancellation clause upon initial engagement. It is our belief that a contract should not be used as an attempt to “guarantee” future business or to lock-in a revenue stream. We adhere to a simpler concept…if we do the job right today we’ll earn your business again tomorrow. Therefore, we only use the contract to identify the scope of services to be provided, responsibilities, and terms of the relationship.
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